Nailart | Memorial Day Moroccan Quatrefoil ft Vibrant Vinyls



Hey you guys! Today I have a really simple red, white, and blue look in honor of Memorial Day featuring Femme Fatale and Vibrant Vinyls. Vibrant Vinyls is currently having a sale where you may use coupon code 20OFF10 to save 20% off all orders $10 or more or you may use my coupon code SLOPPY for 10% off any time!

Maiden’s Patience at 3 coats plus topcoat under artificial lighting.

To begin I laid a base color down of Maiden’s Patience by Femme Fatale. I purchased my bottle from but it is in stock at Live Love Polish right now! Maiden’s Patience is described as ” a frosty blue grey crelly with hints of turquoise and silver microglitter.” This was opaque for me at 3 coats and I applied HK Girl topcoat and let it completely cure before heading to the next step.

Maiden’s Patience at an angle under artificial lighting.
Maiden’s Patience macro.
Maiden’s Patience at an angle in direct evening sunlight.


Next I will be using vinyls sent to me for review from Vibrant Vinyls. I chose the watermarble, mermaid, and quatrefoil versions and I will be featuring the quatrefoils today! I am pretty much a beginner at using these types of vinyls, and I’m really excited about adding these easy to use tools into more nail art designs!

From L to R: Watermarble, mermaid, quatrefoil.

To use the vinyls I used tweezers and pried up the easy pull tab and gave a firm and quick upwards lift. I had no problem with any of the cutouts straggling and had a clean lift every time! I then stuck the vinyl quickly to the back of my hand to lessen the adhesive a little bit before placing on my nail. I used tweezers to position the vinyl and then gently pressed all the edges flush with my finger.

Clean quatrefoil pull.

Next I wanted to do a red and blue gradient using Zoya’s America and Sailor. To make them a little less opaque I also added Out The Door topcoat over the polish on the sponge. I dabbed two passes over the vinyl.

Zoya’s Sailor and America
Dabbed over the vinyl.

I immediately pulled off the vinyl after dabbing on the polish and got a nice clean image! I am so pleased with how these turned out! I did a little bit of cleanup using acetone and a cleanup brush before topcoating with HK Girl. This is the finished result:

Finished mani under artificial lighting.
Finished mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished mani macro.


Finished mani at an angle in direct evening sunlight.

I also received a clicking cuticle oil pen and Strip Me Softly acetone additive which I will be reviewing in an upcoming handcare post so be on the lookout for that!

Cuticle oil pen
pen tip
Strip Me Softly.

So that rounds out this look in honor of Memorial Day! I want to extend a huge thank you to all the veterans who have and are serving, thank you so much for your service!

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