Nailart | Bleached Neon Colorblock Birchbox Nails



Hey you guys! Today I have a super simple color blocking type look inspired by my May 2016 Birchbox! I have a full review and unboxing of last month’s box available right here. To do these nails I began with a base coat of Zoya Purity across all of my nails. Don’t worry bout getting it fully opaque because we will be adding quite a few layers on top! Next I used the California Bleach collection from Virago Varnish beginning with Coronado, followed by Huntington, then Malibu, then Laguna, and finally Venice and added thick imperfect stripes in random horizontal and vertical directions. I made sure to add more of the Venice and Laguna shades, and finished up with a little bit more Purity to break up the colors a bit before topcoating with HK Girl by Glisten and Glow. I love the finished look!

Finished Birchbox look under artificial lighting.
Finished Birchbox mani at an angle.
Finished Birchbox macro.

If you are interested in seeing my full swatch and review of the California Bleach collection it is available here. Thanks so much for reading along today!

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