My Hand and Nail Care Routine


Hey you guys! Today I am sharing my hand and nail care routine, it’s not anything special or unique even but I find it works well for me. This routine will not work the same for everyone and you should definitely try things out for yourself to see what is compatible with your body chemistry.

This is my starting point:

*Naked nail warning*

Yucky, crusty, dry naked nails.

My nails are on the longer side of where I like to keep them at this point. I don’t have ay peeling but I do have some discoloration and clear spots as well as some mild ridging. Over all I’m pretty happy with the shape my nails are in although I am planning on trimming them down soon!

Once a week it’s been a lot less lately) I like to do a nice mani bomb, particularly after I have been swatching in quick succession. The ones i currently use are from Forever Polished mostly, she has really nice scents but often adds glitter and whatnot to her bombs so you may want to beware of that. My cuticles are glitter magnets!

Crushed mani bomb.

To use a mani bomb i have a small bread loaf that I like to fill halfway up with warm water. I then drop the bomb in and dip my naked nails into the fizzing water until I feel like they are nice and moisturized. I also like to dip my toes into the leftover water, no shame in my game! This is my results after 1 mani bomb soaking:

Nails post mani bomb.

Next I’d like to talk about cuticle oils. I feel like cuticle oils are imperative for cuticle health and healthy cuticles make healthy nails! I try to keep my cuticles oiled up as much as possible, especially after bathing or washing my hands. It’s good to have an “on the go option” and my favorite right now are clicky brush pens! I was sent a cuticle oil pen from Vibrant Vinyls to test out and I am loving how easy it is to control the amount of oil you apply. I have used both rolling ball applicators and a more nail polish looking one but nothing beats a click pen in terms of ease of use. The nice soft brush also makes it really easy to get right into the cuticle and especially under the free edge which I think is important. It is nicknamed a clicky pen because to push the product up with turn the end (like a self sharpening eyeliner) and it makes a click noise each time it is turned. I am using the Autumn Harvest scented version right now and it is such a nice light scent, not overpowering at all! Cuticle oils are going to keep your nails nice and flexible!

Cuticle oil choices I own.
Nails post oiling.

After I oil my nails and let them soak for as long as possible I will use my finger tips and message the oil into my skin.

Another cuticle product you may consider especially if you are a swatcher is Baroness X’s matte cuticle balm, aka swatchers balm. This is a more matte option for oiling up your nails, I use my cleanup brush to focus on dry areas when I am filming and my cuticles. I have the unscented version and I love it! Sometimes I don’t want too many scented things on my nails in case of clashing with other scented items I enjoy using.

Baroness X watching balm.

After oiling is a great time to do cuticle care, such as pushing them back. I do not recommend trimming your cuticles at all and in fact I very rarely even push mine back. I probably should more often!

The next thing I’d like to discuss is using a base coat. If you have nails that bend easily, peel, or stain  feel like a base coat is a necessity. I was a nail biter for 20+ years and through that time I really damaged my nail beds and my nails will grow out super bendy if left to their own devices. I always wear a base coat, 100% of the time. I put down a base coat in between swatches even! My favorite by far is the Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator from the Zoya parent company. It dries super quickly and keeps my nails shiny and healthy looking! It is a little on the spendy side and I often buy the large refill version on amazon here. Some other options you might want to look into are OPI’s Nail Envy or Nail Tek!

Utica Nail Growth base coat.

Another really important aspect of nail health it filing. I recommend using a glass or “crystal” file and quality will matter here. I’ve ordered the glass files from and while they are affordable and work ok they wear down super quickly. I bought this Perfect Formula file off of amazon after recommendation from a friend and I couldn’t be more pleased. Ive had it for months now and it still works as well as it ever has! To file my nails I do a back and forth motion on either side of my side wall and angle it slightly to the tip and then file the tip down to my preferred length. I always seal the edge of my nail by filing it several times in one direction.

Glass or crystal files are phenomenal!

Next lets talk about acetone and polish removal. My preferred remover is Remove + from Zoya, a moisturizing acetone remover. I enjoy how it powers through glitter and nail polish while still leaving my nails moisturized! If I can’t get my hands on Remove + I do reach for the Moisturizing Formula acetone from Onyx Professionals that is available in many drug stores. I still have 100% acetone in my arsenal, I use the brand Onyx Professionals because it is so affordable and readily available. I feel like everyone should have 100% acetone, certain nail art looks (like sharpie looks) require the use of acetone and I really prefer it for cuticle cleanup. An awesome new product I have been testing is the Strip Me Softly acetone additive from Vibrant Vinyls! It was sent to me for review in the jasmine scent. I added it to an empty Zoya Remove + bottle I had and filled up the rest of the bottle with 100 acetone. It really helped the acetone scent and didn’t affect the acetone’s potency at all, while still leaving my nails moisturized!

Strip Me Softly acetone additive.
Removers I enjoy using.

Next is my recommendation for over all hand health, a good hand cream or lotion. I generally just use whatever comes in my monthly beauty boxes but lately I have been loving the Carrot + Rose hydrating cream by Seraphine Botanicals. Much like cuticle oil I try to use it several times a day and especially after hand washing.

carrot + rose hydrating hand cream by Seraphine botanicals.

The last thing on my last for good nail health is coconut oil! Yes I am one of those crazy girls who uses coconut oil for everything, from a deep conditioning treatment for hair, to shaving cream, to makeup remover, to cooking with, to nail care! I only use this treatment at night because it leaves my hands super oily. Right before bed I will dip my hand ito my large jar and message it into my nails and skin. Sometimes I will just wipe my palms off on a towel so I can read on my kindle etc. without making a huge fingerprints mess.

unrefined coconut oil.

So that wraps up all of the tips and tricks I can think of to grow long healthy nails! Let me now if any of these work for you or if you have a different favorite product let me know down below! Thanks so much for reading along! If you are interested in saving 10% off of your total order from Vibrant Vinyls you may use coupon code SLOPPY.

*This post contains affiliate links.


11 comments on “My Hand and Nail Care Routine”

  1. Hi, Jess! I’m a crazy coconut oil person, too. I’ve been wanting to use it as a deep conditioning treatment, but am scared of making my hair an oily mess that’ll never come clean, lol. Do you have any recommendations? I was thinking of just doing like “mid shaft down” (as they say), so it’s not really by my scalp. Anyway…opinion appreciated! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mid shaft down is a great place to start, that is what I typically do too! I haven’t noticed a problem with my hair staying oily after treatment although I do have very dry bleached hair and I mostly do the no poo method. The coconut oils such a low melting point it should just melt away! If i’m noticing my ends look a little dry I also take just a small dab and run it through the ends. Good luck and let me know how it works for you! ❤


  2. I am a sucker for all types of oils and applicators, as well as coconut-oil containing products! I also recently fell in love with Baroness X’s matte balm 😀


  3. I am totally envious of your beautiful, perfect nails! My cindy hand looks like a hot mess, I can never get it to match my swatch hand so it looks goofy! I have Strip Me Softly as well, and I wondered what I did before I discovered it, makes such a difference.


  4. Great and interesting post. I too am an ex nail biter and have curvy nails. My nail care routine is very similar to yours. Now I don’t leave the house without my cuticle oil lol xx


  5. I enjoyed this post, I love to hear about others nail care. I ‘m a crazy oil person and love using different oils. I mix my own cuticle oil but I would love to try the oil pens from Vibrant Vinyls!


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