But Do They Watermarble? Saucy Marbles by Sweet & Sour Lacquer

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Hey guys! For this Friday’s “But Do They Watermarble?” I’m featuring a clear polish designed for marbling! I’ll be using Saucy Marbles by Sweet & Sour Lacquer, this was offered free with the preorder of her Catchphrases collection. A clear polish is such a great tool to have especially if you love to marble, it makes a nice clean break between colors to let the base color shine through.

My base today is definitely on the gaudy side, this is Confetti by Pink, a scattered holographic glitter packed with micro glitter, larger hexes, and the ever dreaded bar glitter. This is the only bar glitter I have in my collection and I have to say, I love this one! I don’t believe this is available anymore.

Confetti at 3 coats at an angle under artificial lighting.

As always I am starting with my small teacup filled with room temperature water. I always prepped my hands by applying I Peel Good cuticle barrier also by Sweet & Sour lacquer. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to pull out my Night In Vegas polishes from Pipedream polishes. Because these aren’t available anymore I didn’t feel like it would be a waste since the majority of this marble will be Saucy marbles. I dropped ANIV On The List first, followed by a drop of Saucy Marbles and these spread out fantastic! I then added a drop of Light of Day followed by another drop of Saucy Marbles, this time I had some slight blending of the shimmer but they still spread great! Next I added a drop of High Roller and Saucy Marbles once more, here to spread began to slow down quite a bit. I then added a drop of 110 Degrees and another drop of Saucy Marbles and this is where I quit getting separation so I added a final drop of V.I.P. Pass and began dragging a design. I had no problems with manipulating a linear design!

Original bullseye.
Quick linear design.

Next I dipped my nails in at an angle and gathered up the excess polish in the water. Then it was as easy as removing the liquid latex and doing any necessary cleanup before adding a topcoat!

Finished marbled mani under artificial lighting.
Finished marbled mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished macro
Featuring partial ANIVC

So that is it for this Fridays marbling, please let me know an collections that you would love to see marbled down below and I’ll see you guys next time!

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