NailArt | Matte Damask Stamping ft. Sassy Pants Polish



Hey you guys, today I have some really simple stamped nails to share with you! Remember when I swatched the Funny Fruit collection by Sassy Pants Polish? Remember how I said that they don’t really work for stamping? With Blue(berry) Balls I take that back! Blue(berry) Balls has a very sheer shimmer blue base that pops when used over a darker color and as long as the image isn’t too detailed works lovely! I’ll walk you through how I did these.

I began with a base of Zoya Willa and let that completely dry. Next I applied Blue(berry) Balls generously to the top most left image on Moyra plate 03 – ornaments that I picked up a few months ago from Beautometry. I used my born pretty store stamper and scraper to pick the image up from the plate and position it on my nail. When you scrape down you will pull off a lot of the larger flakes and glitters, that’s ok! As panful as it is not to use those parts of this polish what you are really looking for is a nice transfer of the base color. This did dry fairly quickly on my stamper but transferred to my nail perfectly. I topcoat everything and this is the result:

Finished mani with glossy topcoat under artificial lighting
Finished mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished macro under artificial lighting.
Finished maniac an angle in direct sunlight.

Next I added a matte topcoat to help bring out the details, I can’t tell which way I prefer this!

Matted mani at an angle under artificial lighting.

Blue(berry) Balls was sent to me for review and it is available now as well as the entire Funny Fruit collection! Are you picking any of these up?

10 comments on “NailArt | Matte Damask Stamping ft. Sassy Pants Polish”

  1. It’s like a swirly, happy, galaxy. ❤ Remember Bob Ross and his "Happy Trees"? You have happy galaxies. 🙂 And they are stunning. LOVE this matte-ified. I bow to your nail art awesome.


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