Collab | LBGTQ Pride Mani Collaboration

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Hey guys! Today I have a really special collaboration to share with you with 48 of my best nail friends! We all banded together to show our love and support for all types of love in honor of this month being LBGTQ pride month, because love is love! A huge thank you to @luvbboop23 for organizing and putting everything together!

My solo was just a simple rainbow glitter placement using diamond holography glitters. I love how it resembled a mosaic when I was done, with each piece going it’s own way but coming together as a whole.

Glitters used for placement.

I began with a base of Zoya Purity and used Zoya’s Glossy Seal to make my ring nail damp. I then used my rhinestone tool to place the individual glitters on my nail, refreshing the topcoat as needed and making sure to blend the colors. Once everything was place I topcoat 3 times to make a nice smooth surface and this is the final result:

Finished pride mani under artificial lighting.
Pride mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
glitter placement macro.

That is all for today, be sure to head over to instagram and show to other ladies love as well!

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