But Do They Watermarble? MDJ Creation’s Clear Watermarble Polish



Finished water marble mani.

For this Friday’s But Do They Watermarble? I am featuring the Clear Watermarble Polish from MDJ Creations. I did purchase this polish with a blogger’s discount and I’ll share with you how it performed in this mani for the 4th of July!



Having A Big Head Day

I began by laying down a base color of Having A Big Head Day by OPI. If you are interested in checking out the swatches of this and the other 7 Through The Looking Glass polishes I have those available here. I did 2 easy coats on all of my nails. Next I used hourglass vinyls from Vino Vinyls to add a half moon using OPI’s Keeping Suzi At Bay. I topcoat at this point and let them completely dry. Once dry I covered the navy half moons and my finger tips with I Peel Good by Sweet & Sour Lacquer.

Now finally to the marble. Clear Watermarbled Polish does spread very well, it however didn’t make many rings for me using OPI’s Alpine Snow or Zoya’s Purity. if i added a drop of Clear water marble first I couldn’t get beyond a 2 ring bullseye. dropping my white first I could get 3-4 with manipulation. This polish did work for the look I was going for, it just seems a bit finicky for me.

marble with Zoya Purity.
Marble with OPI Alpine Snow.

I dipped 2 nails at a time and removed the liquid latex. I then topcoat once more and added silver fallbacks to my blue half moon area. I really kind of love these!

Finished mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Finished marble macro under artificial lighting.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for collections you would love to see marbled! do you have any plans this 4th?

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