But Do They Watermarble? | Dreamology Collection by SuperChic Lacquer



Hey you guys! Today I am so exited to share this week’s But Do They Watermarble featuring the Dreamology collection by SuperChic Lacquer! This collection was sent to me for review and will be restocking sometime in August. I will link all of Superchic Lacquer’s social media accounts so you can stay updated and I will post as soon as I know a specific date! If you are interested I have a full swatch and review available here. To begin today I have primed my nails with the Bring It On base coat and Zoya’s Purity as well as I Peel Good around my cuticle area.

Initial drop from Realm Of Erotica To R.E.M.
Petal design from Realm of Erotica to R.E.M.
Swirl pattern drop from R.E.M. to Realm Of Erotica.
Clear water marble featuring Bring It on base coat and Lucid LaLa Land.
Final linear design featuring Wake Me Up, 40 Winks, and Lucid LaLa Land.

These all spread out pretty well, the outer ring wanted to dry up on me a bit and kind of limited the number of rings in the bullseye. I was still able to make a full circuit of the rings and was able to add a pattern fairly easily! The rings did want to continue spreading after I began dragging a pattern in. Bring It On makes an amazing clear water marble!! My final look was very subtle in most lighting but I love the finished look! I topped it off with Liquid Macro for the perfect final touch.

Final water marble under artificial lighting.
Final water marble at an angle under artificial lighting.
Final marble macro under artificial lighting.
Finished water marble at an angle in direct sunlight.
Finished water marble in direct sunlight.

So that rounds out this week’s But Do They Watermarble, are there any collections you would be interested in seeing marbled? Please leave them below for me an thanks so much for reading along! You may use my affiliate code SLOPPY10 to save 10% off all orders at http://www.superchiclacquer.com!

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