NailArt | Nautical Mani Swap with @ThePolishedMage

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I am so excited to share this month’s BHB Mani swap with y’all! I was teamed up with the ever amazing @thepolishedmage, I seriously have so much nail envy every time I see her gorgeous claws. You should definitely check her out and send her love from me, she absolutely killed my nude look!

These nautical nails were originally inspired by another nail friend of ours, the ever-sweet @theweekendpolisher! I was honored to recreate Trish’s look, this is my final result:

Final nautical matte mani under artificial lighting.

To complete this looks I used Zoya Nail Polish in the shades Purity, America, and Sailor. I started with a base coat of 2 coats of Purity. I topped that off with a generous topping of Glossy Seal and allowed to dry. Next I used a stripping brush and both America and Sailor to free hand some chevron stripes. On second thought I really should have used stripping plate! I then stamped the anchor on using Sailor once more, topcoat with Glossy Seal (which smeared like crazy) and finished off with a matte topcoat.

Final matte mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
final matte macro under artificial lighting.
Final matte mani under artificial lighting.

Don’t forget to head over to @thepolishedmage and send her love, and stay tuned for next month’s mani swap!

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