But Do They Watermarble | Collab with Maags Dinwiddie ft Sinful Colors Pride Collection


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Today I have a really special Bestie Twin Nails edition of “But Do They Watermarble?” featuring one of my newest youtube crushes, Maags Dinwiddie! We were introduced by @psycho_nurse6 and I instantly felt such a kinship! So we decided to team up and recreate Opal Hazlitt’s water marble/galaxy type nails that she filmed a super awesome tutorial for. Opal was inspired by @renai_madisonnails

I’ll walk you through how I got my final result and then give you a full review on how the Sinful Colors Pride collection preforms at water marbling!

But Do They Watermarble – Sinful Colors Pride edition,

First I began with my tiny teacup and room temperature filtered water and my nails prepped with one coat of Tux Polish’s Pure and Nail Experiments Easy Peel latex barrier. I then began dropping my bullseye. With this look you really want to overload your bullseye to get a good bleed going so get your inner most ring as small as you can! Once you have your ring like you prefer you are going to want to center your nail over the inner most ring and dip. If you dip off to the side you will get more of a ring pattern and less of a “galaxy/tie dye type feel. After dipping gather up the excess polish as normal and slowly bring your nail out. You should notice some of the excess polish pooling off into the water. Keep gathering the excess polish and dipping, changing the angle each time util the polish quits pooling or you get the effect you like.

Bullseye before dipping.

Once you have your nail perfectly imperfect, take a cleanup brush and some acetone and be prepared to do a lot of cleanup. The polish kind of bled into my cuticles as i went but I was okay with that since it helped thin it down on my nail. This look is incredibly messy and will take a good bit to dry, I let my nails completely cure before removing my liquid latex to prevent from bumping it on the nail. Once it is completely dry i removed my late and topcoat with Ready In 5 by Colores de Carol. This is my final result:

Completed mani under artificial lighting.
Completed mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Completed “macro” under artificial lighting.
I forgot my latex on my right hand! These were double dipped.
I forgot my latex on my thumb too, I was mesmerized by this print!


Next I want to talk a little bit more about how the Sinful Colors Pride line watermarbles. These seriously preform so well! I was able to keep both my AC and fan on (hello, Texas heat) and had no problems whatsoever with spreading or manipulating. This is such  a great and affordable set, I wasn’t able to find mine locally but they are still available on walgreens.com!

Petal pattern dropped from Resilient to Hello I’m Violetta.
Linear pattern dropped from Hello I’m Violetta to Resilient.
Double linear pattern dropped from Hello I’m Violetta to Resilient.

All in all I think these are so amazing and I had so much fun with this Friday’s segment! Be sure to stop by all these lovely ladies’ pages and send them love for me and stay tuned for next Friday where I may or may not be featuring Zoya!

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