But Do They Watermarble? | Nudity Collection by Virago Varnish



For this Friday’s But Do They Watermarble? I’m featuring the Nudity collection available now from Virago Varnish! This is a collection of 6 gorgeous one coat nude cremes in different hues, check out my live swatch, stamp, and review here.

First drop from Unclad to Skin
Linear pattern
Double linear pattern.
Second drop from Skin to Unclad
Swirl pattern.
Organic pattern
Final curved linear pattern.

These are thicker polishes so they didn’t want to aggressively spread out. I did get a nice set of well defined rings and they were easy to manipulate however!

For my final design I wanted something a little reminiscent of like “creamer in coffee” but I got a little bit more of a wood grain vibe. I really love seeing all of the nude tones flush against each other like this and I’m pretty happy with the final result! I did have a few air bubbles.

Final mani plus glossy topcoat under artificial lighting.
Final glossy mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
final glossy macro under artificial lighting.

Visit Virago Varnish’s storefront and social media to stay up to date on future releases and sales:





Are there any collections you would love to see tested for water marbling? Leave them below for me and thanks so much for reading along!

11 comments on “But Do They Watermarble? | Nudity Collection by Virago Varnish”

  1. It really does look kinda like a nifty wood grain.:-D I’m really digging these colors together, especially in a watermarble.


  2. What about doing The Kylie Jenner collection. I would like to see like bright colors like hot pink, turquoise, etc. this is a cute look however especially for fall


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