But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Ultra Brights Collection



For today’s But Do They Watermarble I’m featuring the Zoya Ultra Brights collection, available now from zoya.com! These were not my favorite to use and were a little bit difficult to manage but I’ll show you how they perform.


Bullseye dropped from Erza to Mirajane


Organic marble design


Dropped from Mirajane, forming a swirl.


Final swirl.


Final “linear” marble

So these dried up fairly quickly for me and were hard to make spread. I was only able to make one full circle with these and I really had to fight it to get it to make a design. They did spread though and I was able to get a full design done, I just don’t think I will be reaching much for this for this purpose. Before dipping my nails I prepped with 2 coats of Purity and Easy Peel around my cuticle area.


Final marble under artificial lighting.


Water marble at an angle under artificial lighting.


My favorite marble macro under artificial lighting.

I will have swatches of these up soon, if you are interested they are BOGO now!


10 comments on “But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Ultra Brights Collection”

  1. It’s kinda like a pond watermarble. I dig it. I’m not sure I would purchase these, which is odd because I’m a big Zoya fan. But this feature on your blog is so helpful and I love seeing what you come up with.


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