But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Metallic Holo Urban Grunge

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Hey y’all! For today’s But Do They Watermarble I’m featuring the Metallic Holo portion of the Urban grunge collection, available now! These were sent to me for review and i have a full swatch, stamp, and review available here. As always I’m using my tiny teacup full of room temperature filtered water and I will drop in the order that I swatched them, then in reverse, and then finally a final look. This is how they preformed:

“Linear” pattern dropped from Troy to Alicia
Bullseye dropped from Alicia to Troy
Swirl dropped from Alicia to Troy
Linear patter using the Metallics – Britta, Troy and Ash.
Double linear pattern using Britta, Troy, and Ash.
Holo bullseye using Merida, Finley, and Alicia
Final petal pattern using Merida, Finley, and Alicia.

Before dipping my nails into the final design I prepped with a coat of Willa (black cream) and Easy Peel around my cuticle area. I then dipped, did cleanup, and topcoat with liquid marvel from Superchic Lacquer! Here are my final results:

Final dark petal design under artificial lighting.
Final dark petal design at an angle under artificial lighting.
Final dark macro under artificial lighting.
Final dark petal design in direct sunlight.

All in all I would not recommend marbling the entire collection together. I feel like the Metallics marble well on their own and the Holos marble well on their own but kind of stalled out when combined. These do dry incredibly quickly so you will want to work fast!

Do you have any recommendations for other collections to marble? I would love to hear your thoughts below!

1 comments on “But Do They Watermarble | Zoya Metallic Holo Urban Grunge”

  1. I agree that these don’t seem to be the best to marble with. The final pattern looks nice on the water but then it gets lost once on the nail since it really isn’t opaque enough.


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