But Do They Watermarble | Urban Dictionary Collection by SuperChic Lacquer



Hey y’all! For this Friday’s But Do They Watermarble I’m featuring the Urban Dictionary collection releasing on September 26th from SuperChic Lacquer! I’ll go ahead and preface this post by saying, if you are even thinking about picking these up…just do it. They are seriously amazing as stand alone polishes, at stamping, and at water marbling! You can save 10% off any purchase at http://www.superchiclacquer.com using my affiliate code, SLOPPY10, and you can view my full swatch, stamp, and review here.

As always, I’m beginning with my small teacup full of room temperature filtered water. I will drop them first in the order that I swatched them in (Rosebuddy to Deadpool) and then in reverse order before doing a final look.


Double linear pattern dropped from Rosebuddy to Deadpool.
Petal pattern dropped from Deadpool to Rosebuddy.
Final spider web pattern using Awesome Sauce, Rum-Billy, Wonderwall, and Awkward Turtle.

These all drop and spread amazing, they are what I would classify as “aggressive spreaders.” I did have some drying occurring in the outer most ring and some additional spread upon manipulation but over all these preform super well! I am absolutely in love with the final look, I go back and forth between thinking they look like a 70’s print in camp colors to thinking they resemble dragon wings! What do you think?

Final marble under artificial lighting.
Final marble at an angle under artificial lighting.
Final ring nail macro under artificial lighting.
Final pinky nail macro (my favorite!) under artificial lighting.
Final marble at an angle in direct sunlight.

Are any of these on your wish list? What other collections would you like to see marbled? Be sure to follow all of SuperChic Lacquer’s social media accounts below to stay up to date on all future releases and sales.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/superchiclacquer

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/wonderjenproducts

Facebook: http://www.faceboo.com/wonderbeautyproducts

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/wonderjenprod

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