Swatches | Highlight Liquid Lipstick -Rendezvous

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Hey guys! Today I have a liquid lipstick swatch and review for you featuring the up and coming brand, Highlight Cosmetics! They put out a blogging call recently that I responded to and was chosen to pick one shade from their matte liquid lipstick line to test and review. I chose the shade Rendezvous, a deep gorgeous bronze metallic shade.

First a little bit about the brand, Highlight is said to be “created to be a dual purpose product which not only beautifies the exterior but also the interior. We have created 10 different shades including 5 metallic’s of a non transferable water resistant matte long lasting liquid lipstick that will highlight the face with a natural glow, enhance the lips and provide more moisture. These shades will improve complexion and leave a shinier and smoother skin tone behind. Our philosophy is to take care of your inside while the outside is highlighted.

Unlike other matte lipsticks, this one contains turmeric, extracts and a peptide. Other ingredients include green and white tea extract, kelp extract and safflower oil. Turmeric has been formulated to prevent the appearance of dry and chapped lips. Safflower oil contains proteins, minerals, vitamins. Our product is great for all skin types because it’s highly soothing to the skin.”

I absolutely love the packaging, the lipstick shaped interior is both fun and practical. It has a velvety smooth doe foot that made application really easy and I found Rendezvous to have a super nice silky texture.

Rendezvous packaging.

I didn’t have any feathering out along my lip line and the staying power of this lippy is insane! I literally needed to use a cleansing oil to remove it in the shower after a full day’s wear! I did have a little bit of wear along the inside of my lip line but not something a quick touch up wouldn’t fix.

Rendezvous swatch under artificial lighting.

The finish on Rendezvous is a shimmery metallic that translates well to the lip, it did feel a little bit dry but I was able to eat and drink all day with no transferring of the lip color onto anything! Once it’s dry, it is staying put.

Rendezvous swatch in indirect natural lighting.

When I received this in the mail I was worried that the shade wouldn’t be very flattering on me but after wearing it I think I will be reaching for it a ton this fall.

Rendesvous in artificial lighting.

Highlight liquid lipsticks retail for $25, I do believe that this product is worth it! The wear time and range of shades are what I feel are more high end. If you are interested in picking up your own liquid lipstick or would like to see more, follow Highlight Cosmetic’s social media below:


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