But Do They Watermarble | The Apple Orchard Trio by Tux Polish



Hey guys! For today’s But Do They Watermarble I’m featuring the Apple Orchard Trio, available right now from Tux Polish! This collection was sent to me for review and I have a full swatch, stamp, and review available here.

As always I am starting with my tiny teacup full of room temperature filtered water and I will drop test them first in the order that they were swatched. Today I then did a design using Orange Pippin first before doing a final look dropping Granny Smith. Check out the amazing results below:


Dropped from Granny Smith to Red Delicious.
Double Linear pattern dropped from Red Delicious to Granny Smith.
Petal Design dropped from Orange Pippin to Red Delicious.
Final swirl pattern dropped from Granny Smith to Red Delicious.

These polishes do an amazing job at water marbling! They spread out fabulously and without fuss and stayed nice and malleable for me. I had no problem doing a full swirl for each nail, these are seriously amazing versatile polishes!

For my final look I prepped my nail with one coat of Pure by Tux Polish and Easy Peel liquid latex barrier. Here is a look at the final result:

Completed marbled mani under artificial lighting.

The finished look looks so fiery and some how spacey, like a view of Mars or Jupiter! Granny Smith did get a little lost in the final look but I love these all the same!

Completed marbled mani at an angle under artificial lighting.
Completed mani macro under artificial lighting.
Completed marbled mani at an angle in direct sunlight.

What do you think? I think these are so fall appropriate and I couldn’t be happier with the end result! Are there any collections you would love to see marbled? Leave suggestions below for me and be sure to follow Tux Polish’s social media to stay up to date on all future releases and sales!





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