But Do They Watermarble | Cupid’s Bow by SuperChic Lacquer



Hey guys! Today I have a really quick But Do They Watermarble, this week I am featuring the Cupid’s Bow collection that is available now from SuperChic Lacquer! These polishes retail for $14 and they were sent to me for review. You may use my affiliate code, Sloppy10 to save 10% off of any order.

These polishes did such an amazing job! They spread out beautiful and aggressively, the only one that may stall a bit is Dart Through The Heart. They do dry a little on the quicker side so y9u may want to move quickly and not manipulate the outside edges. They also do tend to spread more while making a design. Here are my finished looks:

Primary water marble
Primary water marble.
Primary water marble.
Primary water marble.
Bonus pink marble in direct sunlight.
Bonus pink water marble in the shade.

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