Review | Cuticula Nail Tape and Peel Off Base Coat



Hey guys! Today I have a review of some of the products I have received from Cuticula Nail Tape! Today I have 3 liquid nail tapes and a peel off base coat, my favorites of which are stocking this Friday! She will also be carrying Gotnail cuticle oil which I am super excited for! On to the review!

Liquid Nail Tape In Coconut Lime Verbena

First up is the Coconut Lime Verbena scent! This green tinted liquid latex is full of tiny yellow and green glitters and is also UV reactive! This scent does have a bit of a stronger latex smell when applying but once it dries down all of those beautiful sweet citrus scents come right through! That said, this latex also works amazingly well and snaps off perfectly!

Liquid Nail Tape in Milky Way

Next up is the Milky Way scented nail tape! This nail tape has a soft scent reminiscent of “milky way candy bar with notes of caramel, chocolate, marshmallow, and cookie in a silver colored base with holo glitters and stars.” This smells super sweet when applying! I did find that the larger glitters were a little more sparse but it dries down to a really cool silvery look when ready to use!

Unicorn Poop scented Liquid Nail Tape

This last liquid nail tape is my favorite of the lot, Unicorn Poop! Unicorn Poop has a scent of ” vanilla, sugar cookie, marshmallow, and buttercream.” It smells so devine! It is a light purple base full of rainbow holographic glitters that looks like a really sweet crelly but dries down to a nice pinky purple tone when ready to use. I couldn’t love this liquid latex more!

Peel Off Base Coat in Pink Sugar

The star of today’s review is the new Peel Off Base Coat, releasing on Friday! This is a latex based peel off basecoat meant to be applied to the natural nail to make it easier to remove. This is perfect for wearing under glitters and gels and makes for a perfect removal without any damage to the nail! I will be wear testing this later in the week to see how long it lasts. Application is super easy and it dries down quickly to a demi matte finish.

Glitter look using Zoya Cosmo, Gel Topcoat, and the Zoya Safe Neons.

To really put this peel off through the ringer I used 2 coats of Zoya’s Cosmo (a super chunky silver glitter pixie,) a UV gel topcoat, a gradient of the Zoya Neon collection, and more topcoat and this look peeled off no problem!

Look at an angle
Peel porn results.

All in all I am super pleased with all of these products and I really feel like the peel off base coat is going to be my new holy grail! Follow Cuticula’s social media below to stay up to date on new releases and sales:

8 comments on “Review | Cuticula Nail Tape and Peel Off Base Coat”

  1. I love my liquid latex, though I can’t really see the point of glitter in it. Your rainbow mani is gorgeous x


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