Nail Art | Gold Antiqued Chrome Nails ft. Madam Glam

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Hey guys! Today I have a gold chrome nail look with some antiqued 3d gel designs featuring products sent to me for review from Madam Glam. If you love any of these you may use my coupon code slo30 to save 30% off any purchase!

2 coats of Black Is The One.

I began with a base of 2 coats of Black Is The One one step no wipe gel polish. Once that was cured I used the included applicator with the Phoenix chrome powder pigment and burnished it right into the surface of the black polish. A little bit goes a long way and I did have a good amount of fall out. Once the excess as cleaned up I topcoated with a gel polish for a deeper finish and to seal the powder in. I then thought it would be cool to add some 3d details using the 3d gel in the shade Liquorice. Liquorice does cure down with a tacky layer and once that was knocked down with alcohol the pigment had a hard time adhering to it. I think adding a quick topcoat in a no wipe finish and going over it once more with the chrome pigment would do the trick! Here’s a look at the finished results:

Completed look in direct sunlight. 
Macro before topcoating. 
Completed look at an angle in direct sunlight.

So that wraps up today’s review, be sure to follow Madam Glam’s social media platforms below to stay updated on new sales and specials:

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