Nail Art | Ft. Whats Up Nails and Tux Polish



Hey guys! Today I have a quick nail art look featuring Whats Up Nails stamping plate B002 and the 3 neon creme polishes releasing with the Summer, Summer, Summertime collection this Friday from Tux Polish! Check out how they react under black lights!

Tux Polish’s art under UV Lights.

I began with a base of 1 coat of Tux Polish’s Pure and then added drops of Girls Playin’ Double Dutch, The Groove, and The Temperature’s About 88 to an image on the What’s Up Nails stamping plate. I scraped downwards a few times to get a good blend and then stamped it directly on the white base. I then topcoated with Just A Little Somethin’ to add some gorgeous gold and silver sparkles, I did have a little bit of smearing so next time I will definitely float a thicker coat. Here’s a look at that completed mani:

Nail Art at an angle in the shade.
Nail Art in direct sunlight.

Here’s a quick look at how these same cremes stamped over a black base:

Nail art over 1 coat of Tux Polish’s Onyx
Nail Art at an angle in direct sunlight. 

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