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Sally Hansen Chrome Kits in Rose Gold, Peacock, and Mermaid

Hey guys! Today I have a look at 3 of the 5 new Chrome Kits available right now from Sally Hansen! These kits as well as the base and top coats were sent to me for review and I will walk you through these easy at home looks!

With each kit you will receive a small tub of pigment, a sponge applicator, and a special effect topcoat unless you opt for the larger kit which will include the recommended base color and topcoat. To get the best result you need a smooth canvas and you may benefit from using a ridge filling basecoat. All of my swatches today are shown on my cindy (or left) hand!

Frill Seeker shown at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

The recommended base for the Rose Gold kit is Frill Seeker, a dark rose toned nude. I applied 2 coats and let it dry to a tacky finish. I then went in using the sponge applicator and dabbed powder to each nail, once I felt like I had enough pigment I used the pad of my finger to burnish it down. After applying the pigment I used the water base topcoat, this is an important step as it locks in the “chrome” metallic finish but it will take quite a bit to dry down completely. I recommend going in as thin as possible in this step. Once that has completely dried I locked in the shine using the 101 Miracle Gel topcoat and washed my hands to remove any left over powder. This finish is a little more subtle than the others.

Rose Gold kit under artificial lighting. 
Rose Gold kit at an angle under artificial lighting.


Blacky O shown at 2 coats under artificial lighting.

For both of the other kits I will be sharing today recommend a base of Blacky O, I’ve applied it at 2 coats here.


Peacock chrome kit over Blacky O under artificial lighting.

Next up is the Peacock Chrome Kit, shown here burnished over Blacky O. I followed the same steps as above for application with sponging on the pigment softly and then burnishing it down using my fingers. I then applied the special topcoat, let it dry down fully, and topcoated once more with the 101 topcoat. I am really pleased with the shift on this one and I got ton of pink/purple/blue shimmers!

Peacock Chrome Kit at an angle over Black O under artificial lighting.


Mermaid Chrome Kit over Blacky O under artificial lighting.

The last kit I have to share with you is the Mermaid Chrome Kit and of the 3 this one is definitely my favorite! Like the others it burnished down beautifully and I sealed it in first with the special effect topcoat and then with the Miracle Gel topcoat. I love the shift on this one the most, it has beautiful teal to blue to flashes of pink under different lighting.

Mermaid Chrome Kit over Blacky O under artificial lighting.

In closing I think these are great options for a DIY chrome look at home without using gels! I did find that the pigment isn’t fine enough for a truly mirror like chrome finish but it does add some really cool multichrome metallic effects. All in all the only finish I was disappointed in was the Rose Gold.

These are available at most beauty retailers and online now, are you planning on trying these out?

This post does contain affiliate links.

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