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Neon Spotted maniswap with @Polishedallthetime

Hey guys! For today’s tutorial I have a super fun neon “waterspot” mani I did for my maniswap with @polishedallthetime! Definitely check out her original and all the other awesome nail art she has done! To start I laid down a nice 1 coat base of Zoya Purity. This is going to help the neons pop much

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Skull and Roses Nail Art

Hey guys! I have had this mani on the brain for like a month, especially now that we are creeping up on Fall. I’m a little disappointed in the execution so I think I’ll be revisiting these when it gets a little closer to Halloween! I’ll link the YouTube tutorial here as soon as it

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Hey you guys! Today I have the red and clear large marshmallow stampers (or item #21739) from to review! I did purchase these myself and I’ll be comparing them to my ever faithful Creative Shop stamper I bought from This will be very photo heavy and if you are interested in seeing the YouTube review it is

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Pretty Little Liars Finale Nail Art!

Am I the only one completely nerding out pumped for tonight’s finale of season 6 of Pretty Little Liars?? I just had to do some nails for the occasion, fingers crossed for finally finding out who is behind A (I was holding out for it being Aria but after seeing the pictures from next season

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Stamped Fairy Nail Art ft Shinespark and M Polish!

Today I have some stamped fairy nail art, featuring Summer Sunrise from Shinespark Polish that I recently reviewed in this blog post! I’ll also be using Zoya’s Willa, M Polish’s Cayuga, stamping plate W208 from Winstonia, an unmarked stamping plate with star images that I believe I picked up in a pack from Claire’s, as well as my Creative Shop stamper and scraper. To see my YouTube

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Summer Sunrise by Shinespark Review and Swatches

Today I have a review of Summer Sunrise by Shinespark Polish! This is such a deceiving and fun shimmer polish, It was also sent to me for free for review. Summer sunrise can best be described as a medium pink shimmer polish with a blue flash or shimmer! Really easy and fast drying formula though it is a

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M Polish “Cayuga” and “Pekin” Review!

I am so excited for today’s demo and review! M Polish has released the black – Cayuga and the white – Pekin from the upcoming duck themed creams collection.  I did pick up the mini size of these, they are kind of too affordable not to! These retail for $9.50 for a full size 15 mL and $3.25 for

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Pastel Southwestern Stamped Nail Art featuring Gothic Gala Lacquer

Hey guys! Today I have a tutorial for these pastel “Southwestern Blanket” style nails, featuring 3 of the shades from the Victorian Era collection from Gothic Gala Lacquer that was recently reviewed on my blog and YouTube channel. I’ll be using “Bit o’ Jam,” “Cupid’s Kettle Drum,” and “Gigglemug” as well as stamping plate BPL010 or item #19365 from To save 10%

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Multicolored Stamping featuring Shinespark Polish and M Polish

Hey guys! For today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you some multicolored stamping I did with stamping plate bpl008 (use coupon code JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items), Shinespark Polish’s Holographic Dream, and M Polish’s Dancing In The Streets and Fresh Perspective. Tostart I laid down a base of Holographic Dream, just 2 easy coats on all of my nails.

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