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But Do They Watermarble | Collab with Maags Dinwiddie ft Sinful Colors Pride Collection

Today I have a really special Bestie Twin Nails edition of “But Do They Watermarble?” featuring one of my newest youtube crushes, Maags Dinwiddie! We were introduced by @psycho_nurse6 and I instantly felt such a kinship! So we decided to team up and recreate Opal Hazlitt’s water marble/galaxy type nails that she filmed a super awesome

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7 Days of Green | Day 7 – Green Ocean by Sinful Colors

Hi guys! I’m so excited to be taking part of this blog prompt that I am doing with some amazing ladies featuring 7 days of green! Some of us are doing nail art looks in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to share 7 of my most favorite

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