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But Do They Watermarble? Saucy Marbles by Sweet & Sour Lacquer

Hey guys! For this Friday’s “But Do They Watermarble?” I’m featuring a clear polish designed for marbling! I’ll be using Saucy Marbles by Sweet & Sour Lacquer, this was offered free with the preorder of her Catchphrases collection. A clear polish is such a great tool to have especially if you love to marble, it

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But Do They Watermarble | Catchphrases by Sweet & Sour Lacquer

Hey guys! For today’s But Do They Watermarble? I am featuring the Catchphrases collection by Sweet & Sour Lacquer! I have a full swatch and review of this collection available here as well as a giveaway for a set of minis here that is running until Sunday the 29th so check it out! I will

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Swatches | Catchphrases by Sweet & Sour Lacquer

Hey guys! Today I am finally sharing the Catchphrases collection from Sweet & Sour lacquer! This is a brand that I’ve had my eye on for a while, once I saw this super bright collection with insanely cute Simpson’s inspired names it was a no brainer! Sweet and Sour Lacquer has really prompt customer service

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