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Neon Spotted maniswap with @Polishedallthetime

Hey guys! For today’s tutorial I have a super fun neon “waterspot” mani I did for my maniswap with @polishedallthetime! Definitely check out her original and all the other awesome nail art she has done! To start I laid down a nice 1 coat base of Zoya Purity. This is going to help the neons pop much

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Neon Watermarble with Shinespark Polish’s 80s Neons Collection

Today will be testing out how well the 80s Neon collection from Shinespark Polishes watermarbles! If you are unaware what watermarbling it, its a really fun method where polish is spread out on water and then designs are dragged through the resulting rings into different patterns before submerging the nails into the design. It can

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Shines park Polish 80s Neon Collection Swatch and Review

Hi all! Fair warning before I get started, this post will be very picture heavy! Today I will be reviewing and swatching the new, re-formulated 80s Neons collection from Shinespark Polish that are available for purchase here. I was completely blown away by all 8 of the polishes and I can’t wait to share them with

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