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Swatches | Nailnation 3000 Greens, Blues, and Purples

Hey guys! I am finally getting around to posting the green, blue, and purpleish polishes I picked up from NailNation 3000! I have a swatch and review of the pinks, reds, and purples I picked up at the same time here, the sun has been hard to come by lately in Texas! I did purchase

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Swatches | Nailnation 3000 Pinks, Reds, and Purples!

Today I’m swatching a new-to-me brand, Nailnation 3000! #MyNameIs___ and One Last Dance were sent for review and I purchased the others. I have a blue and green haul coming soon as well! _ First up is #MyNameIs___ from the Wipe Out Transphobia collection! This one was included with my order in exchange for swatches and

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