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Multicolored Stamping featuring Shinespark Polish and M Polish

Hey guys! For today’s tutorial I’ll be showing you some multicolored stamping I did with bornprettystore.com stamping plate bpl008 (use coupon code JFGK31 for 10% off all nonsale items), Shinespark Polish’s Holographic Dream, and M Polish’s Dancing In The Streets and Fresh Perspective. Tostart I laid down a base of Holographic Dream, just 2 easy coats on all of my nails.

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Four Corners collection from Virtuous Polish Swatch and Review

Today on the blog I have swatches and reviews of Virtuous Polish’s upcoming “Four Corners” textured polish collection! To see live swatches you can head over to my YouTube channel and check it out! I did purchase these with a blogger’s discount in exchange for reviewing them. I will also be showing swatches on my longer stiletto

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